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Linelle has started the year with some fantastic opportunities to speak at churches and forums across Australia and New Zealand, sharing the progress of Paradigm Missions, the gospel, and raising much needed funds for the next stages of each project.


This was a very busy year with literacy classes, the central Kotido church being built, the health clinic running, and sewing school starting up as a business enterprise, just to name a few things.


Literacy - We have been running literacy classes for 20 to 60 children each day in the community hall. We provide all the pens and paper and accept them just as they are.


Clinic - For a long time the Jie people have resisted development. They now seek progress as an answer to issues of hunger, due to the inadequacy of the land to provide for the volume of people, and illnesses which require treatment and medication or preventative therapies that they cannot afford. The clinic provides a chance for the people to receive treatment at an affordable price.

Gospel - A great success was the opportunity to share the gospel at the prison every week, where many hearts were opened to Jesus' love. 

Building - Kotido Central Church was built, and many stages have progressed well towards completion.




Next month will see the launch of Paradigm Missions' second project. The Ten/Forty Project is an active prayer ministry and think tank for researching and reaching the unreached. Also in the pipeline is the Daasanach Project for the Debub Omo Zone of the Southern Nations, Nationalities and People's Region adjacent to Lake Turkana, in northern Kenya and Ethiopia. The Daasanach inhabit parts of these two countries and Sudan. According to the Joshua Project People Profile, only 1% of this people group adhere to Christianity. More on this shortly!



Linelle Cassie has arrived safely in Kotido to resume work on the Jie Project. In the next two months she plans to complete the conversion of the rainwater catchment installation into a functional building to for teaching sewing. The work is being carried out mostly by the villagers and a few hired hands from town.



With the 18 February 2016 General elections looming in Uganda, Linelle Cassie from the Jie Project has retreated to Rwanda until the frenzy dies down and life goes back to normal. On her return to the country she will make her way to Kotido to resume work in the community.



In December 2015 Jean Cader returned home from the field for an unspecified time period to take care of his health and other personal matters. He expresses his deep sadness to leave the project; but believes that the work will be farther advanced in the capable hands of Linelle Cassie who assumed his responsibilities.