The Fourth Karamoja Field Trip (7-21 January) met with the member of parliament for Kotido to discuss the use of an old dilapidated building in town for use as PM’s vocational centre; pegged and marked land in the Panyangara sub-county for rainwater harvesting; started gospel outreach in the community; and sketched out a health program for the Jie to be implemented this year.

On 28 March 2015 Helen Andrews hosted a concert for Paradigm Missions. The evening consisted of a recital of classical music and modern songs from the Sydney Adventist Chamber Ensemble; the Gosford Group; Albert Mataafa; Kym Clarke; Meagan Bull; Linelle Cassie; and Fraser Smith. Paradigm Missions' Jean Cader presented a short talk on 'Why Karamoja?' followed by 'A Response' from Linelle Cassie. People were invited to 'Tell A Friend' each month for the next twelve months about Paradigm Missions and invite them to follow us on our social media. Those up for a bit more of a challenge were invited to 'Sell a Bow Tie' each months for the next twelve months to help raise support for our work.

On the evening of 18 April, Sandy and Trevor Schofield opened their Alcofree warehouse in Tuggerah, NSW, to host a fundraiser for Paradigm Missions. Friends and business associates attended the soirée event. A cocktail of nonalcoholic beverages were prepared and served alongside a selection of scrumptious hors d’oeuvres. Linelle Cassie gave a short talk on Karamoja and the work of Paradigm Missions among the Jie. The event was a great success enjoyed by all who attended; and raised a generous sum to help launch Paradigm Missions in the middle of the year. Thank you Sandy and Trevor.

We're finally booked to launch on 26 August. We'll be in Kampala for a short time before heading up to Karamoja to begin supervising a rainwater harvesting program we started the last time we were there. We'll also interview students for the vocational program; and engage the community in our gospel and health outreach. Thank you to all our supporters. We appreciate your commitment to missions, and are encouraged by your loyalty to the commission.

We have now entered the second phase of our work. We've moved to Uganda. We arrived here on 27 August and are stationed in a township called Naalya, northeast of Kampala. We will be here for a limited period of time while we register the charitable mission and deal with other bureaucratic processes.

SUNDAY 6 SEPTEMBER: Just a small window into our new world. Last week’s activities involved plastering, painting and decorating a small office/living space for Paradigm Missions; taking care of some personal hygiene; going to town to pick up supplies by boda boda bikes and local taxi; and attending church at Mount Olives. We're in the middle of negotiating a project vehicle at the moment; and once the paperwork for that is finalised we will be heading up to Karamoja to begin our work among the Jie in the Kotido district.

TUESDAY 22 SEPTEMBER: Today we went shopping for a vehicle for Paradigm Missions. I've never bought a vehicle in the UK without test-driving it first – especially a used one. But it seems this is the way things are done at the Customs Bonded Warehouse in town. They assure us that everything will be in working order when we return to pick it up next Monday. And they'll even throw in a one-month warranty!! The young man who sold us the vehicle seemed like a pleasant enough chap; and said that we can come back and take him by the scruff of the neck if there’s anything wrong with it. Let’s hope that we won’t need to do that. We’re trusting God as He leads us forward step by step.

Spent several hours yesterday at SolarNow in Kansanga, Kampala, looking at how we can best harvest energy in Karamoja to run sewing machines for Linelle's vocational program. We're going to need 7x250w panels; 7x200Ah batteries; 1x1,500w inverter; and 1x50A charger controller. This will mean a fair bit of fundraising again. Here's moving forward in faith!